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Call today to setup a preliminary visit and join our team of Product Insiders.  When you come to our site, you’ll go through an Informed Consent process that describes what types of research we conduct, and how and why we will use your information and responses.  You’ll be evaluated visually by a trained technician and have your photo taken. This set of photos will be added to our internal database for future reference in consideration of studies based on visible skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, hyperpigmentation.


02 / Payments

Your opinion matters, and we'll reward you for it.

Your participation will be compensated directly via a reloadable debit card assigned to you at the end of your first completed study. Treat this as a normal debit card, and payouts will be completed and the end of each completed study. You can complete multiple studies in a year, and VCS is always looking for new subjects as well, so please ask us about our current referral bonuses. If you do make more than $600 you will be provided with a 1099 at the end of the tax year.

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03 / Make products more effective

Your feedback ensures products are safe and effective

When you join us for a study, you’ll be directly participating in marketing research that will directly change how products are positioned in the global marketplace. If you don’t like how products look and feel we want to know! With your help, we can make future product launches safer for the consumer, ensure more enjoyable use experiences, and we can hold product manufacturers accountable for the claims that they make so that other product users aren’t misled by false advertising or over the top claims.

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Next Steps

Many companies run studies to determine how well a product works before it enters the marketplace.  They may use this information for advertising purposes.

Contact us and our recruiting department will reach out for further information.

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Sign up here. You will need to provide contact information so that we can add you to our secure database and contact you for the initial onboarding process and future studies. We may contact you by calling, texting and/or emailing.

You will be asked to provide some personal details that a technician will review with you to help us determine which studies are a good fit for you, such as:

  • Medical history information
  • Study specific skin/hair condition data
  • Basic demographic information (age/sex/skin-type/product use history etc.)

For the purpose of documenting specific skin types and conditions, VCS will require full face professional photos taken during your visit in order to register you into our database. These photos will remain completely confidential in all instances, except in the event a sponsor requests to review “potential study volunteers” before deciding to conduct a study. VCS will share photos, completely exclusive of any other medical or personal data, with the clients in these situations.

VCS will not use your photographs publicly, for advertising purposes, or share them with clients outside of the reasons noted above under any circumstances without your explicit written consent (study specific). VCS also conducts before and after photography for marketing purposes, and you may opt in to be a part of these studies as well, however participation is not mandatory.

When you arrive to the site please stay in your vehicles and call the front desk to check in. Upon check-in you will be asked a series of COVID related questions at which point you will come into the atrium and have your temperature taken.

Validated Claim Support is committed to serving the industry and the local community in a safe and efficient manner during these incredibly difficult times.  As a direct result of the COVID-19 implications, it is essential that businesses must adapt in order to mitigate the transmission potential for disease in many different ways.  VCS has created this general list of procedures and changes which are to be implemented immediately upon reopening.

These sweeping changes are designed to:

  • Minimize the risk of transmission between staff members and visitors to the site by reducing capacity by as much as 75%
  • Offer a venue for distribution of hygienic products out free of charge to the local community in an effort to continue to stop the spread
  • Minimize the length of time both staff members and visitors spend onsite, further reducing transmission risk
  • Reallocating company and facility resources to better suit changing requirements

  • Skincare Claims and Efficacy
  • Hair Claims and Efficacy
  • Before and After Clinical Photography

You may be contacted to test a variety of topical products, such as moisturizers, lotions, creams, serums, masks, make-up etc.

We consider the safety of our panelists our number one priority. All products are designed for consumer use and have undergone a regimen of safety testing and irritation testing (where applicable).

There are several benefits in participating on a study. Your participation may contribute to valuable scientific knowledge for products that will be available on the market. You will have an opportunity to try new products and may see an improvement in the appearance and condition of your skin. In addition, you are fairly compensated for your time and opinion.

Panelists will be notified regarding which studies they are qualified to participate in. It is at the panelist’s discretion to accept or decline.

Upon Panelist Registration, facial photos will be taken for internal use only. We conduct studies involving Before and After Photography. It is always the panelist’s decision to join these studies. Panelists interested in participating in these types of studies, may receive additional supplemental compensation.

There are a couple key factors in being able to participate in a photo study.

  • You must come in to the lab with a bare face, no make-up or product on or left over from the day before. If you are found to have anything on your face, you will need to remove, rewash, and reacclimate before completing the photos for that visit.
  • You must be able to sit quietly and with a neutral expression in a revolving chair while the photographer takes about 5-10 photos per session, each at a different angle. The photographer needs to take photos at the same angle and position every time. They will provide specific verbal instruction to you in order to align yourself each time.

This is solely up to you. If you participate in a study, you are expected to report at scheduled timepoints, which will be given to you in advance. We will do our best to accommodate you on a case by case basis.

VCS is fully HIPAA compliant and has partnered with The Compliancy Group to ensure we maintain the highest level of protection for our panelists. Our database is maintained through a third-party system, RealTime CTMS. Every staff member at VCS, whether on the clinical staff or admin, has full HIPAA training prior to beginning work.

Any personal and/or medical information that is obtained in relation to your participation in a study will be kept confidential by Validated Claim Support. Our records are uniquely coded to protect your identity. Apart from medical emergencies and adverse events, full HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) privacy measures will be in effect. Your information will only be shared internally on a secure server or with an IRB (Institutional Review Board), and consulting physician as necessary on a given study. Sponsors will not have access to any of your personal information such as your name, medical history, etc.

Additionally, VCS will use the medical information in its database so that VCS may be able to contact you to participate in future studies. Therefore, your authorization to VCS to use the medical information and data you provide has no end date. You have the right to revoke this authorization so long as VCS has not already relied on or used the information you provided for a study. At your written request, VCS will not contact you for future studies.

Only employees who have signed a confidentiality agreement are permitted to access the database. VCS does not sell the identifying information in the database. Even if you take back your consent to participate in this study the Use of Personal Information authorization will remain in effect. VCS will maintain your information on a secure server and will not disclose it outside of the conditions noted above.

VCS puts the health of its panelists and staff in high priority. If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19 please call us immediately at 201-377-7333.

It is always very exciting when we get referrals from current product insiders, recommending their friends and family! We love growing our community. For every person you recommend and who completes a study, you will receive $25 loaded onto your debit card.

Your most sensitive information is cared for and protected.

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