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ZorroSign, Inc

ZorroSign provides VCS with an unrivaled Electronic Signature platform backed by private permissions based blockchain and Biometric two-factor Security. As a fully Digital Business Platform (DBP) ZorroSign focuses on User Privacy, Data & Document Security, and User Authentication and Validation.

ZorroSign helped VCS to successfully implement a trifold solution to streamline workflow management, digital signature capture, and document management.

VCS uses ZorroSign for 3 Main Objectives

  • Collecting clinical study informed consent documentation and study protocol information
  • Collecting secure, legally binding and authenticated signatures from inter-party legal agreements between Validated Claim Support, sponsor clients and vendors
  • Completing general office documentation like employment agreements and organization policy acknowledgment

ZorroSign Provides a Number of Key Benefits

  • Reduced document consent cycle times
  • Digital signature allows for easy and rapid internal and external document routing, eliminating the need for manual routing of physical documentation thereby improving its reactivity and efficiency
  • Reduce/eliminate the need to print, sign and scan paper documents
  • To facilitate the authorizations and approval of documents electronically thereby facilitating the ability to conclude transactions electronically as well as to facilitate an entirely electronic management of documents

During the ongoing COVID 19 situation, ZorroSign improved our efficiency with the shift to a remote workforce, and improved our document workflow between employees not being able to have overlapping office and lab hours. ZorroSign provides a means to quickly and safely share, review, and sign critical documentation without missing a beat.

For more information on our implementation, please review the ZorroSign/VCS collaborative Case Study:

Visit ZorroSign’s website here to learn about how they can help you streamline and secure your electronic record keeping and approval process:

RealTime CTMS

Realtime provides a cloud based Panelist Database management system that is HIPAA compliant and fully custom tailored to different types of clinical studies. Protected Health Information (PHI) is stored securely behind a 2 factor authenticated system and restricted by user access level to ensure compliance across all levels of data protection.

RealTime allows VCS to create customized digital studies and hand select panelists based on past history, demographics, and underlying conditions, collectively called their “Social History.” Database records include photos for visual qualification and assessment of underlying conditions as specified by individual sponsor clientele.

Communications with panelists are streamlined, and reminders for upcoming visits are automatically setup during digital study creation. RealTime dramatically improves efficiency through automation and clear organizational structure.

RealTime SitePAY

RealTime also provides a custom tailored solution for panelist payout which is fully digital and IRS compliant. Panelist total compensation is automatically tracked throughout the year via unique Medical Record Number (MRN) and payout is completed through individualized and token secured debit cards.

SitePAY eliminates the need for cash and checks onsite, dramatically reducing the risk of theft and fraud. It also provides a secondary quality check to ensure panelists are not “double dipping” on clinical studies, and that all tax related compensation guidelines are abided by on a continuous basis.

VCS is proud to be a Top Supplier on, the world’s largest AI-powered marketplace for medical and skincare research. provides a unique platform that empowers service providers and suppliers alike, and levels the playing field for small companies to offer supporting services to major multinational brands.

By providing turnkey service agreement review and management along with invoice purchasing to mitigate lengthy accounts receivable turnover, helps allow Validated Claim Support to compete with the largest multinational Clinical Research Organizations on the planet.

Partners include small and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, crop science companies, cosmetic manufactures, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) like Validated Claim Support, government research institutes, university core facilities, academic researchers, and citizen scientists alike.

Visit Validated Claim Support’s profile here:

Skinobs provides an online listing for laboratory services as well as a means of multilingual publications about ongoing skincare happenings and clinical advances. Skinobs represents a platform dedicated to up-to-date information about current methodologies and international testing laboratories.

VCS is proud to be a member of the Skinobs team. You can review one of our most recent articles here:

Last Article Published: The Pandemic Paradigm for Claims

The Pandemic Paradigm for Claims by Validated Claim Support


As some businesses gear up to reopen with at least partial “on-site” attendance, it’s very important to look ahead and begin to assess what additional challenges the COVID-19 shutdown will have on the Personal Care industry throughout reopening. With all of the essential on-site only and distancing requirements, shipping delays, formulation setbacks, and awkward zoom meetings that have arisen from the stay at home orders, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant and proactive. In many cases this will lead to some compromises when it comes to claim support and consumer testing, and it’s extremely important to consider study designs that will be the best fit for the global consumer as well as the labs who help you support your claims.

Visit our profile on Skinobs here:

Happi Magazine/Rodman Media:

Happi Magazine is an industry staple in the personal care and beauty space, and their unique editorial style provides a breath of fresh air as developments occur throughout the industry.

Happi’s coverage of the global household and personal care products industry is the best in the business. For over 50 years, their editors, correspondents, and technical writers have ensured accurate and well documented articles hit the press in a timely fashion. In 2020, they dramatically expanded their online presence and maintain ongoing digital editions and the ever popular yearly Corporate Profiles (

Happi was kind enough to feature Validated Claim Support shortly after our opening:

In Cosmetics

In Cosmetics is the world’s largest tradeshow and exhibition supplier for the skincare, beauty, and personal care industries, and our team has been working with them for over 10 years. With events in New York, Europe, Thailand, Korea, Latin America, and China, In Cosmetics provides a truly global network and reach that allows exhibitors and visitors to connect with companies from all over the world.

VCS is proud to support and exhibit at many of the major international exhibitions that In Cosmetics hosts. Please check out some of our Exhibitor Details for In Cosmetics Barcelona below:

New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Validated Claim Support staff maintain active memberships with the NYSCC, which is a source of both educational programs and industry events that allow suppliers and manufacturers to connect and synergize.

The NYSCC was established in 1955, and as the Society of Cosmetic Chemist’s largest chapter world wide it has a very pronounced presence on the global scene. The NYSCC provides unparalled access to networking events and industry talks and seminars alike, and the Supplier’s Day show is one of the largest worldwide events in the industry.
VCS is proud to be a multi-year exhibitor at the NYSCC Supplier’s day, and you can learn more about our exhibition plans here:

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